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    Abitibi-West Documents

    Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Spruce-Moss (6a, 6c) (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-White Birch (5a) – Abitibi Plain (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-Yellow Birch (4a) – Plains and Lake Simard hill (in French)HCVF Report FMU 085-51 and 085-62 (in French)HCVF Report FMU 082-51 (in French)Summary Monitoring Report (in French)

    Témiscamingue Documents

    Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Maple-Yellow Birch – Outaouais and Témiscamingue hills (3a) (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-Yellow Birch – Cabonga reservoir hill (4b) (in French)High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Report FMU 081-51 and 081-52 (in French)Summary Monitoring Report (in French)

    Northern Ontario West (NOW) Documents

    Gordon Cosens Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Gordon Cosens Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportGordon Cosens Forest Monitoring PlanGordon Cosens Freehold Lands Annual Report

    Northern Ontario East (NOE) Documents

    Upon request for both Martel and Romeo Malette Forests

    Martel Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Martel Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportMartel Forest Monitoring PlanRomeo Malette Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Romeo Malette Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportRomeo Malette Forest Monitoring Plan