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    Abitibi-West Documents

    Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Spruce-Moss (6a, 6c) (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-White Birch (5a) – Abitibi Plain (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-Yellow Birch (4a) – Plains and Lake Simard hill (in French)HCVF Report FMU 085-51 and 085-62 (in French)HCVF Report FMU 082-51 (in French)Summary Monitoring Report (in French)

    Témiscamingue Documents

    Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Maple-Yellow Birch – Outaouais and Témiscamingue hills (3a) (in French)Pre-Industrial Conditions, Western Balsam-Yellow Birch – Cabonga reservoir hill (4b) (in French)High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Report FMU 081-51 and 081-52 (in French)Summary Monitoring Report (in French)

    Northern Ontario West (NOW) Documents

    Gordon Cosens Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Gordon Cosens Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportGordon Cosens Forest Monitoring PlanGordon Cosens Forest GAP AnalysisPeer Review National-level Glyphosate Environmental and Social Risk Assessment (ESRA)

    Northern Ontario East (NOE) Documents

    Upon request for both Martel and Romeo Malette Forests

    Martel Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Martel Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportMartel Forest Monitoring PlanRomeo Malette Forest Pre-Industrial Condition Report (PIC)Romeo Malette Forest High Conservation Value (HCV) ReportRomeo Malette Forest Monitoring Plan