Introducing the paper packaging EnvirosmartTM by GreenFirst Forest Products. Made with 100% recovered wood, EnvirosmartTM is a practical, sustainable alternative to plastic and other fossil-based packaging materials

Zero Waste

We use the whole tree.

At GreenFirst Forest Products, we know a thing or two about getting the most out of the precious resources we use to make the everyday materials people need. That’s why we upgraded our newsprint equipment to do even more with the materials from our lumber operations, and to provide our customers with a clean, strong food packaging sheet that also meets their sustainability goals.

The smart choice

Consumers are getting smart about sustainability. So are we.

Renewable, recyclable, compostable, clean: Envirosmart™ is the natural next step for your sustainable packaging needs – and our planet.

    • The natural look and feel end-users want; the durability packagers need.
    • Ideal for vivid graphics and branding.
    • Made in a modern facility for superior uniformity, reliability and runnability.

Safe, sustainable, certified

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (FSC®-C167905) Chain-of-Custody certification.

FDA-compliant for dry, aqueous and fatty foods.

Packaging showdown

Easy to recycle
Easy printing
Ecosystem safe

Where does plastic come from? Petroleum. Drilling for oil displaces populations, disrupts ecosystems and contaminates our water when there’s a spill. Only 9% of plastic is actually recycled (and when it is, it loses most of its purity and quality).4 Plastic is shiny, it’s convenient, but the “big picture” isn’t pretty.

Glass takes one million years to decompose in the environment.5 And while it may be endlessly recyclable (in theory), a lot of resources go into harvesting sand from riverbeds and seabeds, where microorganisms live and thrive. Fragile, bulky… we’ll “pass” on glass.

It’s no wonder consumers want paper. And with EnvirosmartTM, paper packaging has never looked better. Looking for solid sustainability credentials and the perfect canvas for a beautiful, branded touch? Order your sample today!

Food Service Grade Bag

This packaging sheet made from 100% recovered wood combines a natural look and feel with excellent printability, for an optimal balance of performance and sustainability.